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Auckland Wedding Planner Shares Some Tips On Buying Your Wedding Dress

by Rachel Mackey


Making the "big purchase" of your wedding dress is an exciting day and a time when you should feel really special, beautiful and have fun doing it.  To make this day a success, here are a few ideas.


Who to take?

It is always good to have a friend or family member come with you to help with advice and give you an unbiased opinion - remember that sales people in the boutiques are just that - they are there to sell, so of course they think everything looks wonderful on you!


If you need someone to talk you out of the meringue you are trying on, what better people than your friends!  This is your day where all the attention is on you so don't take friends along who are likely to get distracted by their own shopping and forget the task at hand.


Leave Your Shyness At Home:

Remember you are trying on a wedding gown and not the latest dress from NEXT, so you will need assistance in the changing room, and usually it is the sales assistant. So get used to standing in your underwear as you wait to try on various gowns. Speaking of underwear, you want to go with neutral colours and ones that do not have seams. It can be difficult to already have the underwear you plan on wearing on the special day as usually they are chosen after the wedding dress.


What is a good time frame before the big day to get my gown?

Should you decide to have your wedding dress made, then you should ideally begin the process of sourcing a dress maker about 12 months in advance. This should allow you enough time to come up with your desired style and have several fittings to get it just right. Be aware that if you are buying one off the shelf, a new version of the one you choose will be ordered in from overseas. Allow 6 months for delivery and some minor fitting adjustments if needed.


If you are wanting to lose weight before you wedding then I recommend you don't go for a final fitting until 1 month prior to the day - don't leave it too late as the last thing you need is any surprises before your big day!!


Which dress style should I choose?

Many brides have a style in mind of their ideal dress long before they decide to get married but you need to keep an open mind when trying them on as what you thought you'd like might turn out to not look so great in reality.  You might want to consider how easy it will be to get dressed/undressed, go to the bathroom, will the bridesmaids need to help you!!!


Go for what makes you feel amazing and comfortable. The last thing you want is to feel self conscious or wrapped in so tight you can't move properly.


Last of all never make your dress purchase on the first day of shopping around.  Take all your options and come up with a list of favourites of say 2 or 3 dresses and spend a few days/weeks before you make your final choice.  If you have to, go back and try them on again and ask if your friend can take a photo of you in it so you remember why you like it when you get home.


Take your time and ensure you are perfectly happy with your choice.


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